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We are proud to be able to provide a full range of complete diagnostic services to all ages in our region. The most recent addition to our diagnostic battery is oto-acoustic emissions (OAE). OAE is a relatively new procedure, which allows for an objective measure of cochlear function. It has been a most effective tool in the assessment of hearing in children and site of lesion testing for all ages.

Our office also offers the latest in technology for the selection and fitting of hearing instruments. In addition to the new digital technology, we also offer a wide variety of brands, models and styles – with a goal of helping each patient identify the hearing instrument that will best meet their hearing needs, as well as their lifestyle and budget. We offer a trial use of amplification to ensure patient satisfaction, and the opportunity to return the devices should the benefit not justify the purchase.

A primary focus for our office is patient education. We feel it is most important for the patient (and family) to have an understanding of the auditory system and how it works, the test results and what they mean, as well as a full understanding of the recommendations and why they were made. When fitting a patient with amplification, we schedule ample time to orient the patient (and family) as to the proper use and care of the instrument, provide take home material / instructions and schedule periodic follow-up visits to ensure that optimum use and benefit are being obtained. Our quarterly newsletter and this web site are some of the other efforts we have taken to provide information to our patients and the community.

There is no need for a referral, unless required by insurance (Medicare, Medicaid etc.). We are a provider with most insurance carriers, and we accept MasterCard/Visa. All diagnostic services are provided on an appointment basis so that personal attention can be given to meeting the needs of each patient.

If you have questions or wish to make an appointment – Call us at: (573) 651-3404 If you have comments – contact us at our E- Mail Address:

  • Phone: 573-651-3404

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Brown and Willen Audiology center

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Staff Introductions

Staff Introductions

Dr Steve Brown has over twenty years of experience, having provided audiology services to the Cape Girardeau area since 1983. ...

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