Sperling's Garage & Wrecker 573-335-5052

317 N Broadview St, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 Open today until 4:30 p.m.

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  • Phone: 573-335-5052
  • Fax: 573-335-2084

This business appears in: Automotive, Auto Repairs & Service, Towing & Wreckers


Rating: 1

jasonlay Sperling's Garage & Wrecker

they added $167 worth of parts/labor to my bill without calling to ask me. then he had the audacity to tell me that everything they fixed wasn't necessary and that the problem was because of a hose. that was after they told me i needed to replace my power steering pump and rack and pinion set. I would avoid this place if you don't want to pay for stuff that doesn't need to be fixed.

Rating: 1

johncook Sperling's Garage & Wrecker

I was involved in a minor accident in Cape Girardeau on 12/15/10 and the police officer called Sperlings Garage to winch my car off a median divider strip. Sperlings arrived and winched the car off without incident. However, it was then discovered that the right front tire was flat. At that point, the police officer determined that Sperlings was a AAA provider and that I was a AAA member. I called AAA and got an authorization for them to change the tire. The two Sperling employees at the scene refused to change the tire and insisted they should tow my car to their lot so that my "...insurance company will pay for everything." They insisted that AAA would not pay for 'everything' and that they had to tow away my car. I proved to be considerably more insistent than they were and they eventually, after long and unpleasant argument, changed the tire. They then tried to make me pay cash on the spot. That didn't work either. After I drove away, leaving them my name and the AAA authorization, they called the police and tried to have me arrested. That didn't work out for them either. But they certainly tried. Beware of these people.