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2136 William St, Town Plaza, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 Open today until 6 p.m.

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guy's big & tall

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Rating: 5

stnwrd Guy's Big-Tall

The shopping experience here was great!!! My wife and I were greeted in a friendly and kind manor by all the staff members. The owner was very helpful in determining what size would be best for me to try on. There was no pressure into which brand of clothing to choose from, but I was informed that a particular brand I desired used a lesser grade in material that was used a few years ago. That was very helpful in the choice I made. The prices on the items that I purchased were reasonable and I did get a few items that were fifty percent off. My wife and I plan to return some day to shop here. Thanks again to the helpful staff in making my first shopping experience here great.

Rating: 1

youngguns19d Guy's Big-Tall

If you have any choice besides doing business here I would. The owner is a serious jerk. Very rude and does NOT honor his commitment to his customers. Customer service is the poorest I've ever seen! Normally I wouldn't do this but after about 9 months of dealing with him I've had it. The last order I placed, which was ONE SET OF PATCHES, took almost A MONTH!!! When I called up there they said my order was not complete yet and I had to be patient because he only has one employee that can sew. REALLY???!?!?!?!? Unacceptable!!!! I then told him that I would cancel my order and take my business elsewhere. Magically, 2 hours later my order was complete. I guess that's what it takes to get something done there. Especially something so small. The owner makes it sound like you're asking him to grow cotton from seed and spin you shirt each and every time you place an order. Other fellow co workers of mine have run into the same problem. PLEASE! Please! Please!!!! Help me run this guy out of business. He does not deserve to profit off of his laziness and arrogance! If you have another option please use it!!! I would greatly appreciate the public's support in this matter.